Book Review: The Indian village transformed, transforming still
 by ratnakar Sunday, December 09, 2018, 11:08 PM
 Ratnakar Tripathy
This slim volume on the changing Indian village will read like an instant classic to many readers for entirely justifiable reasons. The 140-pages volume is likely to answer a number of puzzles for the students of the Indian society grappling with the fragmented realities of the Indian village, often taking recourse in stereotypes and tiresome platitudes when faced with complexities of a high order. The author Satendra Kumar, simplifies the task by paying attention to a single village Khanpur in western UP instead of talking of villages of all varieties from all over the place. He also does a double takehe refers to his earlier study of the village for comparison with the here and now, giving the reader a time scale of roughly two decades which is a big help if you wish to get a sense of ‘how much’ has changed since the 2000s. This is not a question easily answerable through quantitative data so much as the  juxtaposition of the different generations of villagers and a close view of how differently they see their own worlds………..(to read more open the link below)

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